Be strong together respecting our next generation

The B.strong Brief Intervention Program (B.strong) has been developed to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workers and other health community workers to deliver brief interventions for smoking cessation, nutrition and physical activity.

Unhealthy weight, smoking, physical inactivity, and poor diet all contribute to poorer health.  Reducing these risk factors can result in better quality of life, increased well-being and better health status.

B.strong is based on the SmokeCheck Brief Intervention Training Program and the Lifestyle Program (nutrition and physical activity) previously delivered by Queensland Health. It provides training and health worker and client resources for brief interventions for multiple risk factors which can improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders.



B.strong aims to:

  • Increase practitioner access to Brief Intervention training
  • Deliver more Brief Intervention services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in primary and community care settings
  • Assess and refer more clients to early intervention programs and services
  • Improve understanding and awareness of key risk factors for chronic disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the longer term.

B.strong will be monitored and evaluated to support and enhance future program delivery.



B.strong provides culturally appropriate training and resource materials. It includes a one-day face-to-face workshop, six online e-Modules and practitioner and client resource kits to get you started.

For further information, contact the B.strong team b.strong@menzies.edu.au or call 07 31694208.